State Labour Inspection Office

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Office: The State Labour Inspection Office (hereinafter „SLIO“) Horní nám. 2 746 01 Opava

Contact person: Ing. Jana Bělíková – inspector Acting officer: Mgr. Lucie Schreierová – inspector

Languages: active: Czech, English passive: Slovak correspondence: Czech, English, German

Telephone: Monday to Friday: 8.00 – 14.00 + 420 553 696 345

E-mail: Fax: + 420 553 626 672 Website:

The SLIO liaison office provides, on the basis of a substantiated request (hereinafter only „request“), information from the scope of activities regulated by the Act no. 251/2005 Coll. on labour inspections, in compliance with the law of the Czech Republic and intergovernmental agreements, and memoranda.

State Labour Inspection Office - (Diskuse k heslu)
State Labour Inspection Office